Getting Settled In the New Craft Room

Hello!  I know it has been pretty quiet around here for quite some time and that is because we have just moved across the country.  Literally from one end to the other...CA to FL!  It has been a very long process of getting everything ready to move on one end, getting a place to move to on the other, and now the settling process has finally started.

We have moved many times, including an overseas move, and we have never had as many problems with the moving company as we did this time.  Our household goods were split into two shipments, the first truck got here on time, but the second did not.  Long story short, they kept giving us the runaround, changing the delivery date, and were horrible to deal with!  Finally got our second shipment though, so that is finally OVER!

And what was in that second shipment? Why...my entire craft room, of course!

My table is so clean right now.  The normal heaps of papers haven't formed yet.  Shouldn't be too long though and I will be right back to having to unearth my table before I can work on anything.  Yoshi is already perched back up there on my lamp where he belongs.

I believe that is the LAST box of craft stuff to be unpacked that you see sitting there.  Never know though, until all of the boxes are gone, one could show up anywhere.  A kitchen box ended up in our bedroom, so anything is possible, LOL!

Still have a lot of sorting and organizing to do, but I can actually use my stuff again, so I am happy!  With everything going on, there were several projects that I made that didn't get blogged.  Here is one that I did for the SP & Company team blog.

I love the black, white and red color combo!  Definitely one of my favorites.  The hat stamp is from Father's Day Fun (SP & Co.), and the sentiment is from Mix n Match Kids (SP & Co.).  The hat is paper pieced with a couple of really fun patterns.

In this second picture you can see the sentiment is overlapped a little and stamped in two different colors.  I tied a little bit of black twine around the middle and topped it off with a bit of black ribbon.

Definitely won't be as long between posts now that we are finally getting settled!

Happy Stampin',


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KER said...

so glad you're getting settled in...love the r/b/w too...and the paper piecing!

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